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SSBF E-Bulletin

The SSBF e-Bulletin is an initiative by a group of students of the batch 2010 – 12, under the guidance of a professor. It is a weekly research-based online journal written primarily for the students of Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance, with the aim of spreading the awareness of current global and domestic financial affairs.
It is an attempt to provide the readers with the general and analytical perspective of news over the week. This weekly features all crucial information with respect to Banking, Markets, Economy and Business. The periodical also features write-ups by students on banking products. Besides all these, the editorial team also publishes study articles covering detailed analysis of sectors through this e-magazine.

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Knowledge assimilation groups (KAG)
Knowledge assimilation groups
Knowledge Assimilation Groups (KAG) are self-study groups that  provide members with a forum to discuss, share and assimilate knowledge about the Banking and Finance industry with the overarching goal of encouraging and directing potential talent to specific verticals of Banking and Finance.
KAG is the engine to provide opportunities to enhance knowledge and attain practical readiness for the corporate world of banking and finance. The institute provides an environment that is conducive to learning and assimilating knowledge. Going further, these students would engage in research and innovation with the objective of bringing in additions to the knowledge base and promoting a culture of sharing such knowledge through publications.  Some of the focus areas of the KAGs are Investment Banking, Derivatives KAG, Corporate Finance, Foreign Exchange KAG and Equity Analysis etc.

Study Circles
The Study Circles are forums to guide students for certifications and professional examinations like GARP (FRM), CFA and NISM etc.  The students are mentored by industry experts and certified professionals in the respective fields of specializations. It is also a forum to share knowledge and help students to evaluate examination preparedness level at different stages. In the process, the study forums become a catalyst for the students to equip themselves with additional tools to compete in the corporate world.

SSBF Knowledge Network is an initiative of the Corporate Interface Team (CIT). The purpose of this blog is to create a common platform where users can share their opinions, ideas and knowledge with just one click. The aim is to compile and provide news, opinion articles, blog links, research and white papers from a wide variety of sources. The users of this blog will have access to most comprehensive research and act as a repository for research available in banking, finance and economy.
Some of the features of the blog include:

  • Global Markets link where one would be able to get an update on the current world indices, Indian market indices and the commodity market prices.
  • The Events page will act as a financial calendar where all the important financial events shall be listed.
  • A page for Books/Movies and prominent people will contain list of books, movies and prominent people from the banking and finance industry.
  • The other features include a section for recommended news articles shared by the CIT team. There is also a facility for subscription to the blog where one could enter his/her mail and register with the blog and get mails whenever the blog is updated with a new article/post.

Finally there is a categories section which has been created for one’s convenience to filter the content as per user’s requirement.

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