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Collaboration with TISS



We have signed an MOU with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) for the content development of the Certificate and Diploma Programme in Banking and Finance under their National University Students' Skill Development (NUSSD) programme.

A meeting to review the course developed by us was organised by TISS. There were experts from BFSI who meticulously went through the proposed courses. There were discussions on the objective of each course and the course structure was finalised. These courses will be offered in three states namely Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.


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 On 24th Sept 2015, SSBF signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Axis Bank Ltd. to organise a joint training programme in Relationship Banking for students of SSBF. Titled "The Axis Advantage - Relationship Management Programme", it will be conducted on campus for students keen on pursuing careers in relationship banking. Class room training will be followed by a rigorous eight week summer internship at selected branches of the Axis Bank. Students who successfully meet the requirements of the programme and the internship will receive priority for recruitment by Axis Bank.


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 As a part of the ideology to infuse industry experience with academics and to facilitate more interactions with the corporate world, SSBF took pleasure in inviting Mr. Vijay Narsimhan from HDFC AMC on 22 August to the campus to deliver a guest lecture to the students. Mr. Narsimhan started off by introducing the students to HDFC Bank and its financial arms viz., HDFC Life, HDFC Ergo etc., while focusing majorly on HDFC Mutual Fund. 

Taking the session ahead, he elaborated on what Mutual Funds are. Mutual Fund companies take money from various investors across the country and from abroad and invest them in various equities to provide a healthy rate of return to the investors. Secondly, the reason to choose Mutual Funds over Fixed deposits, Foreign Exchange and Gold is that Mutual funds provide a higher rate of return that is compounded yearly which is much more than what investments in FDs, FOREX and other commodities offer.

On compound interest, he quoted Albert Einstein.: ‘Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He, who understands it, earns it; he, who doesn't, pays it.’

Mr. Narsimhan pointed out that inflation is prevalent all over the world, which eats into the purchasing power of one's savings. He mentioned that in 1985 the price of petrol was Rs. 8.5 and a few months ago, this year it touched Rs.80. For instance, if an investment of Rs. 10,000 was made in the stock of Wipro in 1981 then, today it would have amounted to Rs. 500 crores. So it is very important to invest one's money carefully so as to not lose out on its purchasing power.

There are two main factors driving the market. They are the sentiments of the investors at the first level and the technical trend-based movements at the deeper level. But, ultimately the fundamentals of the company determine its value. So, in a market an investor sells his stock today with an expectation that the prices will go down in the near future, while the buyer makes an investment expecting a rise in the prices. Finally, at the end of the day one of them will be proven wrong. Hence, in order to protect one from such risks and to meet the future needs it is essential to have a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), so that inflation and negative factors in the market don’t affect the overall financial health of an Individual.

The session brought clarity in the understanding of Mutual Funds among the students and also provided a broad perspective about the bank and its financial arms.


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YES BANK’s ‘Campus Engagement’ approach under the aegis of YES BANK’s Universities and Schools Relationship Management (USRM) Program

The 4th of July saw some inspiring insights in banking from Mr. Deodutta Kurane, Group President, Human Capital Management, Mr. Warren Stanley Patrick, President & Chief Learning Officer, Mr. RHS Manian, Vice President - Talent Management, Leadership Development & USRM, Ms. Shipra Singh, Manager, Universities and Schools Relationship Management Team, and Ms. Joshita Mohan, Manager, Yes Bank. Mr. Kurane spoke on how important it was to take ownership if one is to grow in one’s career, and Yes Bank’s unique differentiators of knowledge banking and service excellence. He also emphasized the need for Passion, Uniqueness, Leadership qualities, Social skills, and Energy and Enthusiasm, in order for an individual to excel. 
Mr. Manian introduced the students to the “YES! I am the Change” social film-making contest, and encouraged the students at SSBF to participate. Mr. Patrick impressed upon the students the value of courage in taking opportunities, and making the most out of every single day, a lesson shared by all the dignitaries from YES Bank.


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SSBF welcomed Mr. Rahul Patni, AGM and Regional Head at Credit Analysis & Research Ltd. (CARE Ratings), and Ms. Akshata Javalagi, Credit Analyst at CARE, and SSBF alumnus, for a session on Credit and Risk Analysis, and CARE’s course designed to help students understand the analytical approach of an Analyst.
Mr. Patni stressed upon the importance of Credit ratings, as they can make or break many a business venture. He explained how it was important that a Credit analyst needed to be able to investigate every pertinent aspect of the company being appraised, and how it was necessary to apply utmost diligence in ensuring that the rating awarded was well-deserved, and how, CARE’s course would be extremely beneficial for students contemplating a career in Credit Appraisals.
The Students at SSBF took the opportunity to interact with the guests and learn of the various aspects that made a career in Credit Analysis


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SSBF took immense pleasure in welcoming Mr. Vinay Trivedi, Assistant Vice President - Academic Interface Program, and Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Assistant Vice President of Axis Bank to its campus to interact with the students and discuss the trends in banking, particularly in regards to relationship managers, and course to be taught by Axis Bank, which would help students ready themselves for the challenges and opportunities faced by a relationship manager.
Both Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Trivedi spoke at length on the need for Relationship Managers, and the various skillsets required, including people skills, and the requirement of knowledge in multiple fields of the industry, markets and economy. SSBF’s students availed of the opportunity to interact with the guests and learned of the career growth, opportunities available to, and operations of a relationship manager.



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